Bye Bye Dirty Blender: How to clean your velvet fuzzy blender 💦

by Sunday Ivy

Nothing is worse than having to wash your blenders. It truly is laborious removing old foundation or concealer from the hidden far reaching inner depths of a sponge. Even when you do manage to get most of the foundation out, there's always a little left, and you always run the risk of that soapy residue overlayer that can break you out…

When celebrity esthetician, Renee Rouleau, dragged our lazy behinds to filth for not cleaning our blenders enough, exposing the potential amount of germs chilling on your blender and its impediment to clear skin; it was a wake up call we all needed. 

Also you never know how people around you may be using your beauty blender when you’re not around…

AND If you can’t remember the original colour of your beauty blender, you are long overdue a clean!

Here are some tips and tricks to free you from that time consuming beauty chore so you can focus on more important priorities e.g. creating flawless makeup looks (or if you’re like us, free up more time to go on Youtube). Below are our tips on how to clean your velvet fuzzy blender efficiently and quickly. 

Step 1: Wet your blender with some water 

Step 2: Tenderly apply gentle soap to your blender 

Step 3: Rinse your blender in water by compressing gently - don’t squeeze or rub too hard

Step 4: Repeat (until clean)

Step 5: Enjoy the Fuzz!

REMEMBER: Due to the unique double layer microfiber, please wash gently with gentle soap and water. Do not rub on rough surface or twist too hard.

Yes, that’s really all there is to it! No dubious methods like that microwave hack...This method is full proof and really can be done anywhere. 

There’s honestly nothing better than a clean beauty blender before starting your make-up routine. Make-up really applies better when your blender is clean, and your skin will be forever thankful for clean products! 

See our full How to Clean your Microfibre Fuzzy Blender video. More how to's coming soon!

P.S Check out @luisasimona for her cleaning post

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