the SUNDAYfoundation.

makeup sponges mogul-ing 101

though we're still growing, and now make more than just blenders, we always want to stay true to our roots: cheeky humour and making the world a better place. 

ever wonder what we do with our profits? we’re buying a private island! just kidding, the more our business grows, the more impact we have. we in fact, invest everything back into growing madebySUNDAY. we plan to grow our warehouse, hire more talented people, develop new products and find more innovative ways to improve your every day favourites.

but we’re not in this just to make a buck. we know we’re lucky AF, so we want to give back. call it a profit-for-purpose business model.  

every purchase helps provide help to young entrepreneurs to turn big ideas into reality. think dragon’s den, but like, a million times cooler (and no ask in return!). we’re not just giving away money, we’re putting our time where our mouth is. 

at madebySUNDAY, we believe that every young person should have the chance to embrace exciting opportunities or create new ones. no matter if they have been facing some serious issues like homelessness or if they've been in trouble with the law. if they're willing to aim high, we are here.

but it’s not enough to dream big, you have to back it with meaningful actions too. we’re currently working with partners across the UK to offer workshops, mentoring and grants. to inspire young people to believe the sky’s the limit, and act on it too.

we are led by our entrepreneurial spirit and are dedicated to supporting young bosses in the making. we will have one application cycle each year. stay tuned for exact dates on when we will start accepting applications!