How To: Run a Depop Side Hustle

by Mairead Zielinski

 How To: Run a Depop Side Hustle

If you’re anything like us, you probably have far too many clothes than could ever fit in your wardrobe - and with a little more time on your hands in lockdown, you can finally do something about it. Plus, who doesn’t need some extra cash? This is where Depop comes in.


We’ve talked to some of our favourite sellers to get their top tips on running a profitable side hustle from your sofa. Quite literally… 

Offbeat Petite (@offbeatpetite) - Kate

With 12k followers on Depop, and having made over 584 sales, Offbeat Petite is certainly a small business success story (and we love those just as much as Kanye loves Kanye!). It all started because Kate had lots of old clothes lying around and wanted a bit of extra cash; she quickly became obsessed with it. But, like most good business women, she found a gap in the market. Being petite herself, she saw a need for more second hand, vintage clothes that actually fit shorter people. So she focussed on creating a brand that catered to this niche - and Offbeat Petite was born!

Kate’s Top Tip:

‘Figure out what your niche is in order to stand out, and know your customer!’ 

Lucy Florence Shop (@lucyflorenceshop)

Lucy has been selling clothes on Depop for five years, and with over 1,000 items sold she’s definitely killing the game. Like most sellers, in the beginning she simply wanted to clear out her wardrobe. But having studied for a degree in Fashion, her business has evolved and she’s started creating and selling her own designs. She wants her brand to revolve around all handmade and upcycled clothes in the future, and is looking towards making it her full time career.

Lucy Florence's Top Tip: 

‘Commitment! There’s times when things are very slow, and then times when all the opportunities come at once! Keep evolving as new things come your way, stay true to yourself and just keep going. Also, I love the hustle, because doing something you love doesn’t feel like work anyway. When I’m making clothes it just feels right!’ 

Under The Sun Vintage (@utsvintage) - Jason 

Jason has always loved fashion, and enjoyed finding great unique pieces. Starting his own business on Depop was a no brainer, especially considering the environmental benefits of vintage clothing (and we love anyone who’s all about sustainability!).

Jason’s Top Tip:

‘Consistency! Even when you don’t feel like posting or searching for items, keep at it and the results will follow.’


The Bees Tees (@thebeestees)

The Bees Tees sells a mix of screen printed items and thrifted finds. She started the business to fuel her shopping addiction, and allow her to buy more clothes (is there any better reason?).

The Bees Tees Top Tip:

‘As famously quoted by Elvira in ScarFace, and later by N.W.A, ‘Don’t get high off your own supply.’ I’ve got a bad habit of keeping items originally intended for sale…’

Official Zenden (@zendengarms) - Molly 

Molly started selling clothes on Depop to make some extra money while studying at university. She was addicted to buying clothes at the time, and so had loads that she just never wore (we can definitely relate). She ended up making far much more money than she ever expected, and so decided to invest more time and energy into the business.

Molly’s Top Tip:

‘Be consistent, and work harder for yourself than you would for anyone else! Hustle so hard that your side hustle becomes your main hustle, if you love it.’



Now you're all set to follow in these pro’s footsteps, and start finally paying back your overdraft. And if you want a laugh, go check out @depopdrama on Instagram. They post the funniest, strangest, and most downright weird things that have been said to people on Depop - it’ll definitely put a smile on your face!



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