it all started with one question: why is skincare so fu*king expensive and so ineffective?

we set out on a journey to create results-driven products with proven science, using only plant-based ingredients. no fillers. no nasty stuff. no bs. no 10-steps routines. as few ingredients as possible.

our founders? the ultimate dream team.

one’s all about that zen nature-loving groove, while the other is basically a crazy scientist (the good kind!). together, they adopted a holistic ‘nature powered by science’ philosophy to building madeby. this approach forms the backbone of our formula development, creating a distinctive harmony between biological insights and the art of cosmetic chemistry.

we’re on a mission to question the health and beauty industry’s marketing gimmicks disguised as half-truths, empty promises and misleading claims.

our goal is to simplify routines, reduce product excess and help customers understand ingredients, pricing and packaging.

deep down in our DNA, our mission hits home, because guess what? we're not just sellers, we're buyers too. that's the timeless force driving madeby.

in the world of health and beauty, genuine integrity and real transparency is rare. so we committed to sharing everything with our customers: from what’s inside the bottle, to who’s making it, to literally turning our ups and downs as a business into short-form movies. for your eyes only.

we're firm believers that the way you feel in your body and mind totally shapes how you strut through life. that's why we want to craft a future where absolutely nothing can rain on your parade so you can show up as your true self.

our range of products is tailor-made to match different users. to say we obsessively put these bad boys through the wringer with relentless testing, is an understatement. and you can bet they're all top-tier performers.

we don’t take ourselves seriously but are devoted to preserving the planet we play on: from our intelligent and effective products, to our biodegradable, reusable or recyclable packaging, we know that consumers are tired of being lied to and ripped off by overpriced, generic, ineffective and greenwashed brands.


heard enough? go check out our products here. or use our AI-powered assistant, madebyAI to determine the exact products you need by combining millions of data points with your personal profile.