Sundays with...Sindi, our content writer

by Sunday Ivy

On belonging to two cultures, life after uni, and creativity

I was born in South Africa; however, I have lived most of my life in the UK. My immigrant background has shaped my sense of belonging and place in the UK and South Africa; I am British in South Africa but still Other within the UK thus creating a strange sense of belonging and not belonging in both countries.

As a young girl, I didn’t really know what I wanted to be when I grew up, so I always toyed with many ideas such as an interior designer and author. Fundamentally I wanted something that would allow me to express my creativity. I have just graduated with a Geography degree which fostered my creativity in a lot of unexpected ways.  Whenever I felt overwhelmed, I used writing or makeup and fashion as a creative outlet. Sunday Ivy feels like the place where I can continue to express my creative side and belong in a community that wasn’t bound by transnational, political and socioeconomic borders.

I have made it a rule to myself to always look through the clothes and makeup products to make me feel my best, especially when post-university life is stressful and challenging.

On beauty, self-esteem, and social media

Beauty was not something I really thought about until I was 15/16, and during that period of my life, I associated beauty with certain people and aesthetics, particularly with the images and people I saw on Tumblr such as Barbie Ferreira. I thought that beauty was something very separate from me and something I couldn’t attach or have an interest in because I was not similar to them therefore reinforcing my low self esteem.

Social media was both a medium that diminished and boosted my self esteem at the same time. Seeing images of beautiful women with features and bodies that I would never have was quite damaging as I used them as a marker of my own beauty. YouTubers such as Patricia Bright and Style Like Me, exposed me to a variety of different women of all shapes and ethnicities showing me that beauty is subjective and varied. I realised that I had to start being cognisant of what I was visually consuming on social media and how this would help me to grow my esteem and way of viewing the world. Beauty is not clearly defined or universal, and everyone is beautiful in their own way.


On people and looks that have influenced her on social media

FlexMami is an Australian blogger, TV presenter and DJ who inspires and shapes many of my makeup looks. Her combination of bold colours with soft dewy hues has inspired me endlessly. Her makeup looks are varied but also simple, so I feel like I can emulate but also transform and make them unique to me.

Magazine founder, Sarah Feingold, has both editorial and trendy makeup looks that never fail to remind me why I love beauty. I many not try all her looks but they do influence how I do my makeup and push me to go beyond my comfort zone and incorporate new styles.


On her favourite SUNDAY IVY product

I use the Unicorn Beauty Blender as it is easy to hold and the shape allows me to conceal around the edges of my nose, covering blemishes and fixing the mistakes I frequently make. I use the base for liquid blush which allows me to use the blender for different things which is beneficial for the environment and waste. I love that I can also use it wet for blush and highlighters which is essential when I do a pink blush and gloss lip look.