environmental impact.

we’re making the fun choice the right choice

it’s a process and a work in progress

let me skip the marketing bs and hit the nail on the head: we’re quite proud to be calling ourselves a sustainable clean brand, but being #zerowaste isn’t just an influencer meme, it’s a process. 

put simply: we’re always learning and working on becoming more earth friendly and quite frankly, we’ll always be. as we grow, our buying power grows, and our options for more sustainable options too. 

packaging: only recycled, recyclable, or compostable material

we looked at ourselves and thought "yo, we gotta do better with the packaging thing". we’re constantly looking for ways to reduce our environmental output by only carrying minimalistic and recyclable packaging, while prioritising compostable options wherever possible. 

  • our product pouches: we settled on resealable recyclable packets for blenders, magic erasers, etc...because they were the most hygienic option for the products. while we’re looking into better options, we encourage our customers to give a new purpose to old things, like reusing the packets to store their blenders or as a handy travel case. 
  • our boxes: we use recycled cardboard boxes or paper mailing bags. they’re fully recyclable and are made with 100% recycled paper fibre cushioning.
  • our fillers: we use biodegradable peanuts to make sure our glass packaging arrives safely and without any damages in transit. we refused to use plastic in the past so we've had an accident or two...oops. but no more of that, everything should arrive in good condition. the peanuts may look like they're plastic but they're not as they dissolve in water. go on, try it!*
  • bottles and jars: we have switched to glass containers which we source from a domestic manufacturer instead of an international one. that makes it more expensive, but its transportation creates a much smaller carbon footprint, which is equally as important to us. they’re also postal friendly so we can ship them to you in the most earth friendly way. we also encourage you to reuse them as much as you can: bottles can be used as diffusers for example and jars as ring holders.
  • refill station: MBS fans who are lucky enough to live close to one of our stores (more coming soon!) can bring back our empty glass jars to stock up on their fave products and save a bit of moolah while they're at it.

    generally speaking, we really try and minimise packaging in all areas, like not using bubble wrap or external boxes for our bottles, that sort of stuff. we also recycle the packaging we receive from our suppliers and reuse it. this is why you may receive odd packaging sometimes.

    *sometimes, when we get polystyrene peanuts from our suppliers, we choose to reuse it and use it in our own packaging. you can also do the same to help eliminate unnecessary waste.

    we also offer refills at times, so you only buy packaging once, and we can all reduce our output. oh and we have carefully thought about our packaging designs to maximise the density of our products, and ship’em in an efficient way. take that carbon footprint.

    ingredients: vegan, ethically sourced, organic wherever possible, and sustainable.

    all our formulas are free of nasty stuff like parabens, sulphates, and chemicals. we’re also cruelty free and always vegan, because that’s the only way to go.

    tbh with you, we kinda play hard to get with ingredient suppliers. let’s just say we only match with those that are committed enough to our values, so we can preserve sustainability throughout our entire supply chain.

    our people: we want to be better than what the law allows.

    as a woman of colour owned company, we are founded on the principle that madebySUNDAY should represent all genders, cultures and ethnicities, in a way that does good for the people and the planet. we think and act with a unified and equal global mindset. end of. 

    basically the gist of this is don’t come for us. we’re always getting better. we swear.